Tar Heel Immigrant Footprints

Mindy Rubin Passe, Social Studies, Literacy, Math, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

In this unit, students will become researchers as they study the impact of immigration on North Carolina.  Using the study of North Carolina that is central to 4th grade Social Studies content, this interdisciplinary thematic unit is inquiry based and student-centered.  As researchers, students will collect, analyze and communicate data about immigrants and the children of immigrants in their school.  Students will develop their informational reading literacy skills as they read books, interpret data and research issues about immigration and  North Carolina.  Students will develop their literacy skills as they read novels and picture books, making inferences and generalizations about the impact of immigration on children.  Students will write first personal narratives in the format of an illustrated journal entry of an immigrant child.  The issues of bullying, being different and cultural acceptance will be interwoven into the discussions.  Students will create a product or a process that will reflect their understanding of  the unit and be a vehicle for students and families to build community among our diverse student population.