Racing and Forces and Motion

Cynthia Baker Woolery, Forces and Motion, Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

This curriculum unit has several components that bring Force and Motion to Fifth grade Math and Science students using a NASCAR theme. We will study the history of NASCAR, the racing vocabulary, Newton’s Laws, and some hands-on classroom activities.

We will look at the role gravity, friction and change in mass affect the cars and the great detail drivers and their teams go through to have the most efficient cars. We will use actual statistics to graph the speed of the cars. Each cooperative learning group will pick a driver and car to become an “expert” on.  The students will then create their own cars and test them for distance and their ability to have their cars come to a stop in a designated space.

The goal is to make this subject come alive to my students and let them see practical usage and real world application of the concepts of forces and motion.