Move, Play, and Read Through Algebra in First Grade

Margaret Hershey-Mason, Math, Davidson Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

This unit is about getting students interested and engaged in mathematical instruction while performing activities that will help them develop and grow in early childhood. I incorporate literature, games, dramatic play, and movement to teach algebra and mathematical operations in the first grade classroom. We live in a changing world; therefore, having experience with algebraic tasks is preparing our students for the future. Four strategies are outlined in my unit. Math storybooks are fun to read and appeal to visual and linguistic learners. Dramatic play has been a forgotten learning strategy in the elementary classroom, but has strong research backing its ability to help children develop, both cognitively and socially. Movement and physical activity help children stay focused by activating the brain throughout the school day. Games are fun, but they also keep children interested and working towards a goal. Young children today hold many misconceptions about mathematics and their ability to succeed in the classroom.  I believe that we need to develop instructional strategies, a strong mindset, and expectations around the Common Core State Standards that all children can achieve high standards in math. The basis for creating my unit is to target all learners by considering student readiness, learning styles, interests, and developmental needs.