Geometry is Fun, Let’s Make it Done!

Madalina Margareta Corneanu, Geometry, Harding University High School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

As a high school teacher, I often encounter this students’ question: “Why do we need this?”, “When will I use this? “, “How can this help me in life?”.  All answers to these questions start with the fact that math is everywhere around us and that we use math everyday. We use it when we set up the morning alarm, when we think about our grocery list and the budget that we had for it, when we plan to start saving for our college degree, when we arrange our new room. Even without realizing, math is in each event or object that is around us: we have 1 life, we deal with hundred of problems, we eat cheese triangles, we live on square and rectangles, we dance in circles, we see our image in the mirror, we build quadrilateral prisms, we play with plastic sphere.

With this unit, I hope that I can open students’ eyes so that can see the magic behind math, and the beauty of each problem. I expect students to be more open minded next time when they will hear words like Geometry, right triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, sine, cosine and tangent. I wish that my students will start solving each problem with a smile on their face, being confident that at the end they will reach the correct solution, relying on solid geometrical concepts and skills.