Increasing Media through Media Texts

Susan Sparks, English II, Independence High School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

Students must be literate in multiple texts in order for them to become active participants, rather than passive recipients, in the world around them.  This unit teaches students to analyze both written and media texts using the same criteria, reinforcing the necessity that students approach any text thoughtfully.  The unit is divided into seven strategies, each one building on the other.  It allows students to identify their overwhelming daily exposure to media, to discover the connections among types of texts, and to analyze both media and written texts as a whole class, in small groups, and individually.  Since the focus is on media and writing, the teacher and students will use pop culture references and examples throughout the unit.  The culminating activity is a student media product or written product reflecting the analysis skills students have developed over the course of the unit.  At the conclusion of the unit, students should exhibit stronger critical thinking skills and the ability to effectively analyze varied texts.