Freedom and Oppression in the Muslim World, as Shown in the Media and Through the Eyes of Americans

Melissa N. Yoch, International Baccalaureate English, Harding University High School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

This curriculum unit aims to combat existing stereotypes of Muslim culture by using the novel My Forbidden Face, along with a variety of media texts. This unit is designed for honors or advanced high school English classes. Additionally, the unit will define the use of ideographs, or slogans, frequently used in American culture, identifying how and why they are used to better understand our thinking as Americans, as infiltrated by those around us. These ideographs are often used during wartime to show the “clash of civilizations” further defined through the “us” versus “them” ideals that our society holds for the “good-guys” and the “bad-guys”. By defining ideographs such as freedom and oppression through the eyes of high school students, they will gain further insight into the meanings of these images and what they mean. While students will predominantly use the My Forbidden Face novel, the excess of supplemental media will bridge that gap.