Writing a Personal Narrative

Michelle Fernandez, English, Independence High School




This unit will focus on teaching ninth grade students how to write a personal narrative. Too often students worry about things like grammar, spelling, and paragraph organization. Students fear writing and dread the thought of any writing assignment. Writing should be a way of expressing one’s individuality. I want my students to develop their own voice and their own style of writing and express their thoughts on paper without worrying about grammar or mechanics. I want them to enjoy writing and want them to write more than what is required. Writing a personal narrative will provide students with the opportunity to write their own story. Giving students a chance to write about their own lives will remove the fear of writing and encourage them to want to write. They Cage the Animals at Night, an autobiography written by Jennings Michael Burch, will be the inspiration of their personal narratives. We will examine several pieces of non-fiction and through a series of pre-writing activities, students will write about one specific moment in their lives that was life changing.