The Roots of My Town, My Family, and Me

Torrieann M. Dooley, Elementary Teacher, David Cox Road Elementary School




The curriculum unit, “The Roots of My Town, My Family, and Me” allows students to explore the past and preserve the present in order for them to start thinking about their futures. They will also learn about the past of the region where they live in order to appreciate the way decisions are made and how they are afforded the opportunities they currently have. Classroom activities will include comparing pictures of students and children from the South in the early 1900s to pictures of themselves today. They will create a timeline of their lives documenting events up until the present time. They will conduct an interview of a family member to learn more about their family. They will engage in map skills by showing the path of migration/immigration for their family. They will also write a letter to their future self describing their dreams. The strategies used in this curriculum unit will include integrating the subjects of reading and social studies, examining primary sources, and creating an artifact box to house all of the resources they gather and information they learn and document.