Symmetry and Congruency in the World of Art: Through the Eyes of a Second Grader

Lindsay Hannum, Elementary Teacher, Davidson Elementary School




This unit is written and appropriate for second grade students. It covers the basic concepts of symmetry and congruency but also goes beyond the particular district objectives and into more detail than is required in order to reach high performing students. Second graders are expected to identify and make symmetric and congruent figures; therefore studying artistic representations of those concepts is a way for them to make real life connections to mathematics and geometry.


This unit will focus on symmetry and congruency through art pieces that show those characteristics. It will span over nine days consisting of 45-60 minute sessions and will cover identifying and creating reflection symmetry, rotational symmetry, point symmetry and congruent figures. Students will learn how to identify a symmetrical figure by finding lines of symmetry, order of rotation, and the point of origin as well as distinguish congruent figures by determining whether they are the same size and shape. This unit was written with access to a classroom interactive whiteboard, therefore many of the activities and the display of visual aids has the teacher and student using the whiteboard. However, they can easily be transferred to overheads to use with a projector or viewed by a computer.