Reflections, Kaleidoscopes, in an Elementary School Setting

Craig Willis, Math, Torrence Creek Elementary School



This unit describes how to make sixty kaleidoscopes. Many mistakes were made in the process of make these kaleidoscopes. The unit will help the reader avoid many of these errors. Information on materials is included. Most all the kaleidoscopes materials were made of plastic for safety reasons. Step by step instructions were given. The math behind how kaleidoscopes work is also presented. Lessons on reflections are presented that tie with the kaleidoscopes to the classroom instruction. The intent of this unit is to build a classroom set of kaleidoscopes. Every effort was made to keep the cost of the kaleidoscopes as low as possible while still producing a quality product. Options were presented for the reader to choose from which can allow the reader to build different styles of kaleidoscopes so each of the sixty kaleidoscopes can be different. Virtual kaleidoscopes are listed. Other forms of kaleidoscopes are also presented. Suggestions of how to build safe glass kaleidoscopes are given.