Problem Solved, Better Grammar: A Proposal to Improve Spanish Grammar Accuracy through Math Content in a 6th Grade Class of a Dual-Language Spanish Immersion Program

Whitman Suarez, Mathematics, Collinswood Language Academy

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This unit will focus on a series of mathematical activities designed to improve Spanish grammar accuracy through math content for my 6th grade class at Collinswood Language Academy, a dual-language Spanish Immersion Program. To start the unit students’ use of basic Spanish grammatical structures will be diagnosed through a test. This test has been designed based on the 6th grade mathematical concepts of positive and negative integers, scientific notation, equations, inequalities, and problem solving involving basic operations with rational numbers. Students will develop a project on the topic of obesity, where they will study commonly used reflective Spanish verbs.


For the project, students will design questionnaires to collect data, which will be displayed through the use of different graphs. Later, Students will review the rules of article agreement in Spanish as they learn how to solve equations. Students will also design a step-by-step problem-solving guide, using the imperative forms of some frequently used Spanish verbs. At the end a post-assessment will be administered to compare it to the pre-assessment. Through the implementation of this unit students will be able to improve their mathematical abilities as they learn, review, and practice important Spanish grammatical structures.