Politically Influenced Art: Reflections of and Responses to War and Other Conflicts

Jessica Cecchini, Art, Myers Park High School

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The objective of this unit is to create lessons that will teach Modern, Postmodern and Contemporary Art through the eyes of politics with a focus on the artist’s reflections on and responses to war and political conflicts. When asked about artists that fall into this range, students will tell you they either love them or hate them.

They find it very easy to give their opinions, but find it rather difficult to discuss. Students have a difficult time processing these artists past mere identification and they have trouble placing the artists and artworks within historical context or within a specific timeline after the late nineteenth century. My unit will teach these concepts with the theme of war in mind using a variety of pedagogical practices and will last about twenty days. It will span from the start of school until the end of April, bringing in Modern, Postmodern and Contemporary Art movements every other week on Mondays throughout the year.