No Longer Separate But Equal?

Chelita Wood, Mathematics, East Mecklenburg High School

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In 1954, when the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs Board of Education ruled that separate was not equal, reversing Plessy vs Ferguson, the abolishment of segregation in public education brought hope to many African Americans. Unfortunately, almost 60 years later, disparities in academic achievement like those found in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools run rampant across racial lines throughout America. Why is this? Redistricting and zoning are nothing more than academic pseudonyms for busing with the intent to create racial balance.


My AP Statistics class will investigate strategies in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to address the academic achievement gap as well in other metro area schools. Using groups of 5, each group will become a task force charged with presenting a 5-year plan to close the achievement gap. Students, in groups, must analyze three existing plans. They must develop meaningful surveys to be given to both students and faculty. They will prepare presentations for their peers. Once all presentations have been made, as a class, students will critique all plans. They will then develop one comprehensive plan as a class to present before the school administration.