Modern Art in the Media Center: Information Literacy Across the Curriculum

Morgan B. Reece, Elementary teacher, Tuckaseegee Elementary School

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As information and media surrounds the students of today’s society, these scholars need to be able to critically view and use information and technology. This unit introduces students to the variety and uses of information tools. This introduction was created by using the Big6 Instructional Strategy and focuses on the research of modern art.

While this unit is ideal for a media specialist, a classroom teacher can use this unit for cross-curricular studies, including art, history, technology, and visual and information literacy. At the end of the unit, students should be able to effectively and critically use information tools. This unit is designed to last a semester (or two nine-week sessions). The students will keep a journal that will serve as a tool for research compilation, writing entries and information tracking. Over the course of the unit, students will use various available information tools, including books, Internet, interviews and other research materials. Students will compile the information in their journals and create a final research project using the medium of their choice (PowerPoints, brochures, podcast, video, poster, etc). Finally, the teacher will host an exhibit, where students display projects of modern artists. Students and instructor will create an evaluation to judge the effectiveness of each project.