Healthful Living Choices and Consequences for America’s Youth

Arnel B. Greenburg, Elementary teacher, David Cox Elementary School




The purpose of my unit is to impact the lives of students by instilling the idea that they will often be faced with situations in which they must make a choice. The consequences of the choices they make will directly affect their personal welfare. This unit provides activities and lessons focusing on infectious diseases, specifically H1N1 and HIV. They are geared towards fifth grade students.

Through these developmentally appropriate lessons, students as young as ten and eleven years old will realize that the choices they make will impact their current state of health as well as the rest of their lives. The students will become aware that for each choice they make, a consequence will result. Through the use of drama, music and art, students will be left with a lasting impression of the trauma caused by certain viruses. These viruses could have been avoided, but were the direct effect of making poor choices. Students will take part in lessons designed for them to be active participants through the use of various teaching strategies and techniques. The following activities and lessons can be extended through the use of supplemental materials, such as novels, plays, videos/DVDs, music, art prints and sculptures.