Finding Identity through Discovering the Past: Children in War and Conflict

Bethany Dawkins, Language Arts teacher, Coulwood Middle

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In creating this unit, I hope to teach my students about the implications of conflict, the many conflicts that have occurred around the world and in their own backyards; and ultimately how to deal with the conflict so that they can overcome, shape their identity and become tolerant, aware individuals who are open to others.

Through this, I hope to present to them non-fiction literature that is relevant, engaging, and with which they can connect. If this unit is successful, I will feel as if I have not only reached my goal as a teacher, to initiate the learning of informational text, but also my goal as an educator, to guide my students in the search for their own identity. This unit covers several major world conflicts and the children that were involved with the conflicts from a historical standpoint, but also from an analysis of literature standpoint. Using varying reading and writing strategies, the students will research, study, discuss, share, and analyze primary and literary sources written about the conflicts in order to gain a wider world-view and at the same time, gain knowledge of literary concepts important to seventh grade Language Arts.