Writing in Math Starts in Kindergarten: The Writing Journey of a Kindergartener

Renee Hall, Kindergarten, Mountain Island Lake Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit focuses on the journey of a kindergartener becoming a mathematical writer. The focus will be kindergarteners explaining their thinking by sharing their ideas through talk, manipulatives, drawings, and eventually writing using the proper vocabulary. This is an opportunity to show that kindergarteners can write! Kindergarteners will be presented with a daily addition problem that they will need to solve. I will show the transitions kindergarteners make — from expressing their thoughts through words to being able to express their thoughts through writing. The goal of this unit is to emphasize that kindergarteners can and should be encouraged to write in math. When teachers realize this process starts in kindergarten before the students can write words it will change their way of thinking and hopefully change their way of teaching to better support student learning.