Philosophical Foundations in Education: Marketing Happens Everywhere

Perry Watkins, Marketing, West Charlotte High School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, our focus will be on how marketing can influence our society to buy products in various Marketing ads. Through viewing how marketing happens everywhere, students will be able to recognize the power and effect of marketing. There will be a focus on economic, cultural, political and factors that will influence buying though marketing. We will postulate the question why do people buy products after seeing marketing or advertising? The power of marketing affects the culture. Culture affects our students by the advertising they see, and it influences their behavior and buying power.
Students will learn various factors of marketing including products, pricing, place of purchase and promotion. All the marketing factors will be based on some type of historical factor or event to make us more aware of certain marketing schemes. Students will explore the certain advertisements and other different types of marketing that changed the marketing world. This unit will align with the Marketing standards for North Carolina Career Technical Education. Students will identify how to make purchases with informed knowledge of how the Four P’s help to provide knowledge through research which makes for better consumer and greater quality of products purchased, especially with technology. These Four P’s are known as Product, Price, Place and Promotion, based on The Fundamental Theorem of Market Share Determination by Earnest F. Cooke (Memphis State University 1972 Page 84-85) and he believes that the market share of a firm in the long run is marketing. He also finds that the following major equal to the market effort share of that firm which is measured in dollars spent on components of marketing effort have been treated in the extensive literature which relates either directly or indirectly to market share determination. These components include Product, Promotion, Place and Price. For any company to get their market share, advertising, expenditure share, relative price, distribution outlet share, sales and product quality are all relevant product innovations. Because we are a society saturated in visual culture, it impacts us in a way that influences our lifestyle, our decisions, our livelihood and the products that we choose to purchase, and this seminar will explore this from a philosophical perspective, that asks ethical questions and applies critical thinking.