Global Civil War: A Refugee’s Story

Erika Williams, Science, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


The topic of my curriculum unit is Climate Refugees, a term which describes people whose way of life has been devastated by the effects of climate change. Students will study current events in real time as it relates to climate change and refugee status. Students will create a profile of a historically accurate but fictitious refugee and bring that refugee’s experience to life through journal entries. Pertinent information in the profile includes their refugee’s name, age, gender, home country, way of life before the climate crisis, and how the climate crisis caused them to become a refugee. Their journals will document the struggles of a climate refugee to adapt to a new way of life with meaning. Furthermore, students will study the effects of climate change through scientific experimentation. Planned
experiments include the effects of climate change on the respiratory and integumentary systems, and the effects on the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.