Climate Refugee Stories: Rising Above Challenges

Seon Sloley, Science, Parker Academic Center

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit will focus on integrating Language Arts, Art and Research with
Science elementary curriculum. Students will gain valuable information on Climate Refugee stories through discussion, research and reading materials provided by teachers. The inquiry method, research method and comprehension skills will be used to assist students in better understanding the concepts taught in this unit. Focus will be on students understanding the importance of why it is necessary to learn about refugees from other countries. The lessons will enable students to learn about the migration of humans from different countries caused by climate and political change, known as climate refugees and its growing significance. The activities will consist of research, reading and discussion, and will provide insights into various geographical locations whose existence is threatened by climate change and communities that are fleeing their homes resulting in large-scale migration. In the research activity, students will be given a list of refugees where they will choose one to study and follow their journey; they will use a timeline to present information. Through research, they will read and have a classroom discussion on important information they came across while reading. Teacher and students will then make a comparison chart with refugees researched.