The Power of Black Girl Mathgic: An Exploration of Black Women in STEM

Gold Gladney, Math, Wilson STEM Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit will highlight Black women in STEM, emphasize the importance of increasing the percentage of Black women working in STEM careers, and explore the many ways math connects to African American culture especially related to Black women. The ultimate goal is for students to see themselves in STEM positions in the future. This will be accomplished through learning various stories of Black women in STEM while simultaneously gaining a stronger understanding of math concepts. This unit plan will be rigorous, culturally appropriate, and culturally responsive. I believe engaging students in this unit will entice them and create greater investment in future math courses. When students are invested, they put forth stronger efforts in the course. This leads to stronger end of grade results. More importantly, students will develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and cultural pride that will stick with them throughout the duration of their educational career and perhaps their lifetime.