Visual Journal/Process Journal-Process to Product

Kelley Hund Shelley, Visual Art, Butler High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit explores journal making/book making and assisting the development of a personal voice in student writing and art making. The students will be creating a Japanese stab book/Coptic bound book to use as a visual/process journal. Students will use these process journals as a basis for larger, more detailed works of art. The journals will allow students to take notes, annotations and sketches, assisting them in finding/researching numerous solutions prior to creating these works. Students will learn the basics of bookmaking and its history prior to making their own process/visual journal.


I will provide the students with a variety of writing and art prompts for use in their journals. These prompts will help spark memories about important events and/or beliefs in the student’s life. We can use these writings, photos, drawings, and assemblages as starting points for a variety of art works dealing with personal voice. Developing a personal voice and style of one’s own is one of the most important aspects of creating meaning in one’s art. As educators, it is our responsibility to act as the provocateur for our students, pressing them to analyze persons, places and things that impact their daily life using art as a creative springboard.