I Just Want to Move It, Move It

Tracie D. Cooper, Fourth Grade, Hidden Valley Elementary School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This curriculum unit (CU) focuses on teaching strategies that can be incorporated into any upper elementary classroom to stimulate brain growth and increased focus during class.  Teachers will increase the focus and knowledge retention of their students by providing organized brain breaks and choices of student activity, but will also learn about ways to increase their health.  Students will have scheduled time periods of physical activity as well as choices that can be incorporated in their classes. Incorporation of movement for classroom learning opportunities are presented and outlined in a way that can be incorporated to any lesson or class for upper elementary age children.  Organization ideas for students to help not only the student become more organized, but assist the teacher in setting up an organized system that will promote efficiency while switching classes with elementary age students.  To make this unit teacher friendly I included graphs and websites that should be beneficial to all teachers.  The goal is for students to learn ways not only to help their physical wellbeing, but also to help students learn ways to channel their energy in a positive way and to help students learn ways to help control their stress levels.