Seminar Leader Harold Reiter visits Barringer Academic Center

Dr. Harold Reiter, Seminar Leader for the 2015 Fundamentals of Mathematics seminar, visited Barringer Academic Center to get students excited about math while modeling problem solving techniques. Dr. Reiter was invited by CTI fellows Mindy Passe and Lisa Ashworth.  Through the pace, interaction and allure of ‘prizes’, he had the students in the palm of his hands.

Several of Ms. Ashworth’s students attend the Charlotte Math Club with Dr. Reiter and loved having him lead them in challenging math activities.  He has been a mentor to several of her students over the past 8 years.

Ms. Passe reported that they were very excited and insightful about what they learned and the student’s comments of gratitude “reflected not only an appreciation for the math concepts and challenges but an understanding of the idea that tolerating confusion helps us to grow.” The three teachers who participated (Ms. Passe, Ms. Ashworth and Mr. Nasife) reported that “it was helpful to see Dr. Reiter’s methodology and strategies and considered him a ‘master teacher’ who was invigorating and memorable for students and teachers alike.”

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Reiter Thank You Card