Our Community: Charlotte — History Channels Who We Are Today!

Rosa Bockian, Third Grade, Collinswood Language Academy

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


My vision for this unit is to expose the students to many historical events that shaped our community to know the city they live in today. These events have transformed our community for over 300 years; from the 1700s until present time in the 21st century. The students will be researching specific events in the history of the Charlotte and examine how the timing of these events affected the growth of the city of Charlotte during that time period.

They will identify important figures in the different fields mentioned in this unit like farmers, politicians and business owners, who influenced the city’s history. They will identify many events like the discovery of gold, the effects of several wars on the region, the coming of the railroad and automobiles, and the business boom brought in by the cotton and tobacco mills through the movement of those goods. They will explain how these events have made an impact on our city as well as how they intertwine with the influence of new technology and scientific discoveries. The students will interpret how these technologies improved many businesses which allowed the city to flourish towards the end of the 20th Century.