MORPH: Making Others Realize Phenomena Happen

Caitlin Cook, First Grade, Bain Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


This is a cross curricular based unit developed around the meaning of
metamorphosis. The topics involve learning about the meaning of metamorphosis and the
changes that life forms go through in different stages. This unit is presented initially by
learning about basic concepts of change that later develop into more abstract information
about butterflies, frogs and plants. There are various hands-on activities to promote
learning about metamorphosis in butterflies, frogs and plants throughout literacy, math
and science. This unit provides an opportunity for students to read, write, create, sort,
collect data, graph, role-play, use technology and apply what they learn throughout the
entire day across different subject areas. My objective is for other teachers to find this
unit useful for teaching science topics across the curriculum. The application of this unit
will create interesting and meaningful opportunities in the classroom throughout the day
throughout all subject areas. The students will be able to take what they learned in one
content area and apply it in the next.