Energy Woven Into Art

Alicia Waters, Art, Grand Oak Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


By the end of this unit I hope to have successfully woven energy into art, without losing the essence of art. The main purpose of this unit is to have students understand that a variety of subjects relate to one another, and that some things cannot occur without the help of others. Creating individual weaves through a series of mini art lessons and science experiments, and then connecting each student’s individual weave into one large masterpiece represents this concept. Within this unit I emphasize that we can create art without the use of kinetic energy but if we use magnetic or electrical energy within the process, our art gets transformed to a different level of thinking and creation. This unit demonstrates integration, collaboration, creativity and risk taking, which will ensure students to learn 21st century skills and college readiness skills. Through this integration of subjects, students will not only become well-rounded students but also build necessary qualities that are demanded in today’s workforce. To teach a lesson about process and technique of weaving in the art room can be a good lesson, but to teach an art lesson about the complexity of weaving by way of science and history, is what makes a great art lesson.