Analyzing Characters and their Motivations: Are Their Choices Right or Wrong?

Kendra McCall, Language Arts, Reedy Creek Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Why do we make the choices we make? Is there always a right choice? What
makes this choice the right choice? These questions make us think and wonder deeply
about our own philosophical standpoints. In this unit, students will analyze choices that
characters within the books they read make based on their motivations. This unit will also
allow students to analyze their own choices by diving into questions that are not easily
answered. Students will connect with their characters on a variety of levels by journaling
and discussing with partners and small groups. This is an opportunity for children to
create their own theories, but also to allow their ideas to change based on new evidence
from others. There are lesson plans, strategies and a collection of great books with strong
characters within this unit. If you are a teacher willing to allow your students more
independence and freedom to think about their own thinking, then this unit will be a great
chance for exploration within your classroom.