Whose Line is it Anyway? Using Line is Sports

Susan Jones, First Grade, Steele Creek Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

In this unit, elementary teachers will explore ways to teach geometry with operations and algebraic thinking in an entertaining way using games and sports. Students will learn terms such as line, line segment, ray and parabola. Students will incorporate these terms in common games and sports through understanding the relationship between how lines, curves and geometry produce a winning athlete or a successful win. Students begin their understanding of straight and curved lines while practicing the art of yoga. Moving their bodies will reinforce the shapes and movement they will be learning within this unit. Students will analyze NBA players and their shot maps to determine the best angle to shoot a basketball from and if they can duplicate the method mathematically. The games of volleyball and corn hole will be used in a different way to practice parabola. The popular game, Angry Birds, will engage students in practicing parabola in a fun and entertaining way. Parabola is a mathematical term usually taught in upper elementary (third – fifth grade), but within this unit parabola is infused in many activities and taught for lower elementary (Kindergarten – second grade) to easily understand in preparation for the deeper understanding they will encounter throughout their mathematical education. This unit provides teachers with numerous activities to teach mathematical concepts through sports.