Promoting a Sense of Global Awareness using Air Pollution and Air Quality Index

Rebecca George, Seventh Grade, Randolph Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

Promoting a sense of global awareness is critical to help students become globally responsible young people. Identifying sources of air pollution and analyzing their effect on the air quality is critical to understanding the hazards to our environment. The background information discusses where this air pollution is coming from and explains how each of the most common pollutants is not only impacting the environment but also human health. Students will use a variety of strategies and activities to understand air pollution and the Air Quality Index. Students also will understand through this unit where the pollution is coming from by gaining knowledge of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources with a focus on the burning of fossil fuels and their environmental impact. Using what they know about air pollution and air quality, students will be able to analyze the air quality in a variety of places. This unit is particularly helpful for exposing students to a more global view, which will ultimately help engage students in learning about the environment if they feel a sense of ownership of the realities of air pollution in our world. To conclude, students will complete a culminating project giving them the opportunity to learn more about one alternative source of energy and how it can benefit their everyday lives.