Everyone Can Learn!

Courtney Pender, Kindergarten, Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Everyone can learn! In today’s classroom, teachers are teaching students coming from all walks of life. Teachers are also teaching students, who might face a disability. The disability can range from learning, sensory, to physical. Teachers must work to engage all students and discover ways in which all students can succeed. However, it is also important to discover the world and the classroom through the eyes of these students. It is also essential that we teach tolerance and advocacy in the classroom. This unit provides lessons on how all students can be involved in the learning process. The lessons provide the “normal” student insight into the mind of a student or person that faces a disability. They will observe how they see the world and the classroom. The students will also see how students with disabilities use their disability for success. The unit provides real life situations and people, who have overcome disability to find success. The unit ends with a class project, where the students create advocacy and accessibility for all students in the school. I hope the unit will provide tools for teachers to help all of their students succeed in the classroom.