Teaching Chemistry through Experimentation, Demonstration, and Cooperation

Kory Trosclair, Science, Bailey Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

Introducing students to chemistry is an important turning point in the Science curriculum. By this time, students have learned about most important scientific concepts that are not considered difficult or complicated (such as Physics or high school Chemistry). This curriculum unit explores the introduction of chemistry concepts, making use of multiple styles of learning, but focusing mostly on experiments and demonstrations that students can make inferences and apply the scientific method. With additional support from technology to cover concepts before and after experimental learning, students will get a clear picture of chemistry. Specific information covered includes the following: atomic structure, the periodic table, physical and chemical properties, and compounds. The activities and experiments can mostly be recreated with information contained within this unit as well as fairly cheap materials that can be purchased at a dollar store. Teachers looking for student engagement and building on their limited understanding, but definite interest in chemistry will find this unit to be engaging while also applying scientific inference and understanding.