Let’s Get Physical! And Chemical!

Denise Gerst, Science, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

Students are generally concerned about changes in the world around them. The North Carolina Common Core essential standards for fifth grade science expects students to understand matter and energy, their interactions, and how they change. Students are also required to determine materials in their original state and determine when a change has occurred and if a new material has been formed as a result of this change.
This unit was designed to help students determine the difference between physical and chemical changes and the difference between them. This is to be accomplished during a series of lab sessions where students are engaging in inquiry based activities and hands on discoveries. During the course of this unit students will engage in a variety of activities geared to challenge their thinking. Students will follow the scientific method, recording their results for each activity. Students will distinguish between physical and chemical changes using basic materials.