Chemistry Makes Things Happen!

Lyndsay Burns, Fourth Grade, David Cox Road Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

This unit is designed to fit a fourth grade science curriculum. One of the topics that seem to get “skipped over” or taught extremely quickly is Conservation and Transfer of Energy. The reason for this is because typically the topic is covered after the End of Grade (EOG) test when the students have “checked out”, yet it is generally the most “fun” topic of the semester. Chemistry is in everything we do. It is what makes things happen. While it is important that my students know the basics of the “how” things work- we plug things in and they turn on, we eat food and then we feel full-I believe it is even more important for them to dig deeper and really understand how things happen. I want my students to be able to really experience science and feel successful when they have a high understanding of the topics and can explain how it is that a light turns on. In order for me to be successful in teaching this topic, I had to do much in-depth research, which is in the next couple of pages to follow. Hopefully you will see the method to my madness in the classroom.