BibbidiBobbidi Boo – Magical Science Transformations

Lisa Lewis, First Grade, Collinswood Language Academy

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

Do you love magic? I know I do! At the end of a show, I’m always trying to figure out how they did those tricks! If you are like me, perhaps these lessons will fit nicely into your curriculum. This unit is a highly engaging science and literacy unit. It couples quality children’s literature to fascinating science experiments. All of the experiments appear to happen as if by magic. The idea of this unit is to explain the magic behind several hands-on science experiments. By connecting the literature to the science discoveries, the children end up having a strong tie to the story while building their foundation of important science concepts such as chemical and physical changes, acids and bases, polymers, and more. The appeal of this unit is that you can teach the experiments separately according to what you are studying or you can teach it as a full unit of study. The experiments cover topics that are taught in upper grades while the stores appeal to children in the lower grades. It is versatile and can be easily be adapted to fit the needs of your learners.