Reading Media Imagery to Language Literacy – Producing Digital Media for the Common Core

Jose Rios, ESL/Language Arts/SIOP, Eastway Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Reading Media Imagery to Language Learning Incorporating Digital Media Production with the Common Core is a journey by an ESL Teacher turned Technology Facilitator’s vision and pathway to integrating technology through presentational video digital production with the aims and direction of the National Common Core Standards theme directive of production based education.  This unit reflects upon the English Language Learner’s particular circumstance in the US public education system and seeks to invigorate teachers to engage ELL students by providing authentic project based learning with concrete data points in the language acquisition proficiency and academic learning by students utilization of technology and creation of concrete digital work products.  Activities and strategies presented in this unit are part classroom based and school wide based with the intention of partially utilizing Closed Circuit systems along with Web 2.0 technologies as a mode of delivery of instruction and capturing student engagement. This unit is intended to be implemented in collaboration and cooperation with classroom teachers throughout the school.