The Story Behind the Storyteller: Getting to Know the Person Behind the Ink

Lakeirra DeShaun Booth, English Language Arts, African American History, Randolph IB Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

Inquisitive by nature, always having the need and desire to know more than what is presented; Reading African American Lives is a seminar that speaks to my heart, mind and soul. Within this unit I will assist my students with exploring the lives and beyond the Behind the Scenes endeavors of those African Americans mentioned in our 7th Grade Language Arts textbook, artist such as Nikki Giovanni, Walter Dean Myers and Virginia Hamilton. English Language Arts is course that encompasses many components such as reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing, however I wish to move my students beyond the general components of Language Arts and allow them to be empowered by having a clear understanding of the aspects of an artist life that influences them to create various pieces. In an effort to prepare students to be 21st Century  Learners  as well to instill within them the importance of being healthy and active each of the nine Mini-Units contain an English Language Arts Energizer, Questioning Technique , Active Reading Strategy and Technology component.