Going Green in Literacy

Emily Abernathy, Language Arts, JV Washam Elementary

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

After trying to tackle how I would incorporate more non-fiction texts in my literacy class to fit the Common Core Standards that my state has adopted, I wanted to find a topic/concept that my students would be interested in.  Using non-fiction and fictional picture books, I have created a literacy unit about our environment and the challenges our society faces in the future.  Students will research and learn the issues and problems that our world faces.  Some topics include air and water pollution, habitat destruction, waste disposal, going green, and climate change.  Students will read about the problems that humans are causing to the Earth and develop solutions to change our way of life.  Students will also research different companies that are changing their practices to become environmentally friendly.  Students will determine if these claims are legitimate and if they are helping our environment.  In the end, students should have a better understanding about the environmental issues that our future faces and solutions to help our Earth become a cleaner place to live.