Forces of Nature: Incorporating Literacy Elements to Promote an Understanding of Forces and Motion in Relation to Weather

Nikki Guevara, Literacy/Science, Bain Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

     While attending the seminar, “The Science of NASCAR” led by Peter Tkacik from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I began to realize how I could implement scientific concepts of forces and motion along with ideas of sustainability to help master literacy skills in the classroom in regard to fluency and comprehension while focusing on forces and motion.  This unit is intended for first graders.  It has a focus on literacy, specifically informational text, in regard to forces and motion.  Students will explore forces and motion with an emphasis on weather.  Students will use a ramp, Hot Wheels cars and teacher-created weather from the four seasons to test lengths the cars traveled as a culminating activity.  Initially, students will learn about weather, investigate forces and motion, improve their words per minute with reading as well as experiment with toy cars in variable science experiments. Nonstandard measurement will also be a focus as students work in cooperative groups and utilize 21st century skills with sustainable materials and promote literacy achievements. I have created this unit with a strong literacy focus in order to improve word recognition, fluency and comprehension of various science topics. This unit it intended for first grade, but could be adapted above or below this age group.