A Place at the Table: GMOs and Sustainability

Deborah Yu-Yuk Jung, Science, Winding Springs Elementary

Final Unit

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

Food production might be where the effects of global climate change become evident, sparking a chain reaction of societal and political collapse. Throughout the world, population continues to climb as food production yields level off and water tables fall. One controversial technique that has been developed to raise yields is genetic modification, developing crops that are engineered to be drought-tolerant, pesticide and disease resistant and more nutritious. Understanding what genetic modification is requires a basic understanding of genetics. This paper provides a brief overview of plant propagation, Mendelian Genetics, DNA and Genetic modification. This unit was written to support homeroom instruction of the Essential Standards on the Fifth Grade level by reviewing concepts of genetics through hands-on and research activities in the Library Media Center. Three activities are designed to reinforce classroom instruction. The last project is a student-led inquiry into a sub-topic of choice.