A Nation of Spectators: We Must Act!

La Tanya Sanford, Earth & Environmental Science, Cochrane Collegiate  Academy

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

As I observe the masses of students that are in and out of school on a daily basis, I have noticed that there is a significant problem with weight among our younger generation.  My immediate instinct was blame it on junk food, convenient stores, and the overall lack of knowing how to eat properly. The more I investigated, the more the root of the problem became exposed. Our environment is currently undergoing change, by way of Global warming. Since the climate is changing, the normal process that takes place for food growth has been altered. Foods are being massed produced for the mere fact of economics and production.  The overall lack of the nutrition has simply been overlooked.     Being a science teacher, I have always heard the coined phrase, Global Warming but never took time to fully understand its true impact on the environment and especially the fuel that is needed to maintain life, food.