A Better America

Colleen Casey, Social Studies, Bradley Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

A Better America is an examination of the history of political parties in America with a culminating project that allows students to create a new third party in America.  They will study the history and examine the issues relating to government today. As they work in partners to study the issues, they will begin a reflection of how they feel about each issue. Once their partner work is done, they will take three surveys online to assess which political party they are most aligned with.  As groups are created based on political party preference, they will work cooperatively in groups to decide their one issue to base their political party on. They will then create a party name, logo, slogan, and choose the roles for their group: candidate, public relations, campaign manager, and accountant.  In their culminating presentation they will deliver: a one minute speech by the candidate, a one minute commercial created by the public relations agent about the candidate and their issue, a list of groups most likely to sponsor them created by the accountant, and an introduction and conclusion led by the campaign manager.