2015 Yale National Summer Intensive Seminars Announced

A new slate of thought-provoking Yale Summer Intensive Seminars for teachers was announced during the Yale National Initiative’s Annual Conference in October in New Haven, CT.  Yale National Seminars have the twin purposes of immersing public school teachers from across the country in the Institute approach, while affording them an opportunity to increase their preparation and develop new curricula in a subject they teach, working closely with Yale faculty seminar leaders. Each year Charlotte Teachers Institute accepts applications from its most recent cohort of CTI Fellows and chooses about six Fellows to represent CTI as Yale National Fellows. These National Fellows travel to New Haven to collaborate with their colleagues from across the U.S., for two weeks in July and for two long weekends in spring and fall.

2015 Yale Summer Intensive Seminars

  • Literature and Information led by Jessica Brantley, associate professor of English
  • Explaining Character in Shakespeare, Paul H. Fry, professor of English
  • Problem Solving and the Common Core, Roger E. Howe, professor of mathematics
  • History in Our Everyday Lives: Collective Memory, Historical Writing, and Public History, Mary T. Y. Lui, professor of history and American studies
  • Reading Literature through Film (Using Film in the Classroom), Brigitte Peuker, professor of German
  • Physiological Determinants of Global Health, W. Mark Saltzman, professor of chemistry and biomedical engineering

Yale Attendance Dates for National Fellows

  • National Orientation: May 8-9
  • National Summer Intensive Seminars: July 6-17
  • Yale Annual Conference: October 30-31


2015 Yale National Seminar applicants must have completed CTI local seminars as a 2014 CTI Fellow, must commit to being a 2015 CTI Local Fellow, must be a teacher leader in CTI (CTI school contact, seminar coordinator and/or steering committee member), and must commit to being a teacher leader in CTI into the future and to being in the teaching profession in CMS for at least five years.

The application deadline is January 28. CTI will provide application information to eligible CTI Fellows soon. For more information, contact CTI Director Scott Gartlan at scott.gartlan@uncc.edu