Ready, Set, Go: Designing a Vehicle

Nicole Fraser, Science, Davidson Elementary

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

Teaching Newton’s Three Laws of motion allows for students to partake in many hands on experiments. This curriculum unit explores the laws of motion through the lens of the world of racing. The background information covers all three laws and provides examples of how the concepts apply to race cars. It also includes a section on NASCAR and how to use the processes of NASCAR to design your own race car competition in class. Students use multiple strategies throughout the unit such as using a notebook for vocabulary and lab reports. The unit also includes strategies for the teacher to provide models and video clips to grab students’ attention and to increase understanding. Students will work through several activities to build their understanding. The topics of these activities include friction, air resistance, and force/acceleration/mass. The culminating activity has students create their own race car. Students are given a list of acceptable materials and are then set free to let their creative juices flow. All the activities include tables for students’ data recording and the culminating activity includes a student report to guide students through all steps. If you are looking for new and fresh ideas to spark your students’ curiosity in force and motion this is the unit for you!