Surviving Dragon City By Knowing Operations with Rational Numbers

Michael Pillsbury, Math, Randolph IB Middle School

Full Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


200-word synopsis:

The unit will facilitate students’ knowledge of understanding operations with fractions, decimal and percents. The fictional Dragon City is used as a background to the unit and is involved the beginning and the ending of the unit. Getting students to find math fun is a challenge and I hope that using this unit will engage those students who may not find math as interesting as others.

The unit will explore the concepts of fractions, decimals and percents. Place value and the fact that our number system is based on the number ten will be vitally critical to understanding rational numbers. Students will be exposed to exploding dots and they will become familiar with expanded representation of numbers.

The opening of the unit involves the introduction of Dragon City and some math magic to get the attention of students. The teachers will then take instruction over and prepare the students for their visit to Dragon City. Students will assume identities and then visit the fictional Dragon City and solve problems given in different scenarios.

Students should find the unique way the instruction and understanding is presented as well as the problem scenarios more interesting than standard instruction.