Curriculum: Racial Equity

In recent CTI seminars, classroom teachers wrote 30 original curriculum units based on racial equity topics and CMS classroom standards for nearly 5,000 PK-12th grade students.


Nakisha Cornelius, Pre-K, Ashley Park PreK-8
Teaching White Privilege in Early Childhood

Mic Hamrick, Kindergarten, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
Media and Minorities: Unpacking Stereotypes: YOU Can Be Anything You Want To Be!

Jacci Fizet, Kindergarten, Renaissance West STEAM Academy
It’s Not Just Black and White, a Literacy Celebration

Lecia Shockley, 1st Grade, Selwyn Elementary
I Prefer Living in Color – Opening Windows to the Beauty of Varied Identities

Gwendalyn Iversen, 2nd Grade, Winding Springs Elementary
Teaching Mathematics through a Cultural Lens

Amber Geckeler, 3rd Grade, Oakhurst STEAM Academy
Segregation, Desegregation, and Resegregation of Charlotte Schools

Katelyn Gardepe, 5th, Selwyn Elementary
Using Google Maps to Explore Food Deserts

Nicole Boyd, 5th Grade, Dilworth Elementary
History Repeating Itself: Looking at Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina and What It Means Today

Toni Johnson, 5th Grade, Parkside Elementary
Assume Nothing: The Role of Stereotypes and Personal Bias in Conflict

Merrie Smith, K-6, Winterfield Elementary
“Celebrating Latino Culture as We Embrace Our Own” Using Latino Literature to Learn MORE about the Culture

Ted Miracle, Science, Devonshire Elementary
Living Memorials to Spectacular Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians

Megan Koransky, Media Skills, Bain Elementary
Building Bridges: Using Children’s Literature to Explore Global Migration


Davisha Covington, K-8, Marie G Davis
Epigenetics and Healthy Life Choices

Carla Aaron-Lopez, Visual Arts, Whitewater Middle
How To Make An ARTivist

Cassandra Alexander, Social Studies, James Martin Middle
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Megan McGee, Language Arts, McClintock Middle
American Identity As Shaped and Portrayed Through Southern Literature

Amanda Lam, Math, McClintock Middle
By the Numbers: Evaluating Global Migration and Human Rights Changes for American Immigrants

Mariella Fernandes, English, Whitewater Middle
Celebrating and Embracing World Wide Cultures and Traditions In Our Schools

Kenan Kerr, Language Arts, Whitewater Middle
“In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens”: Interrogating and Expanding Black Feminist Identities Through Africana Studies


Tina Jones-McDow, English, Rocky River High
Inequality: Words by American Women

Paige Laurain, Math, West Charlotte High
The Over Incarceration of America

Jonathan Wall, History, Rocky River High
The U.S. Civil War through the Eyes of Children

Victoria Natland,  Civics and Economics, Garinger High
Civic Duty: It’s Not Just Jury Duty

Denatia Palmer, Language Arts, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
Developing Unity in the Colorful Classroom

Natalie Jones, Visual Art, West Charlotte High
Art and Identity: Communities, Neighborhoods and Self

Martha Gwinn, Social Studies, Harding University High
Using Civic Engagement to Combat Environmental Injustices

Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High
Recognition of the Power of Stereotypical Images of African Americans in Media

Emily Rucki, Math, Garinger High
Challenging the White Frame of Mathematics Education: Racialized Differences on Math Test Scores

Matthew Kelly, Spanish, Independence High
Mi ciudad latina: Building Bridges to Local Language Communities in the World Languages Classroom

Annette Teasdell, English/ History, North Mecklenburg High
How Come You Ain’t Never Like Me? Identity Development in August Wilson’s ‘Fences’